Supporting Videos and Resources

Below you can find a series of online learning modules you may wish to go through to further develop your volunteer management practices. The learning modules are divided in four sections, based on the eight National Standards for Volunteer Involvement. These are in line with the questions in the self-assessment checklist you have just completed.

By completing the self-assessment checklist before, you now have a better understanding of how well you are doing in some areas, and where there is some space for improvement. You can choose to look at all information below, or you can simply click on those areas that are of most interest to you and your club.

The learning modules include information on why to take certain steps and how to do them. The information is provided via a series of videos, and you can review and download various useful templates and relevant sections of a comprehensive volunteer managers manual.

If you prefer, you can also choose to jump to the section ‘Template Manuals, Forms, Policies and Procedures’ below, to directly download the complete Volunteer Managers Manual, Volunteers Manual and related appendices full of template forms, policies and procedures – ready for you to adapt and start using at your club.


  • Section 1: Leadership Standards
  • Section 2: Join Us Standards: Motivations & Expectations
  • Section 3: Caring Standards
  • Section 4: Doing it Well Standards
  • Template Manuals, Forms, Policies and Procedures