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State of Volunteering Report


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Communities need volunteers and as the cost-of-living prices soar, so too does the cost to volunteer. Meanwhile, organisations who rely on volunteers are struggling to fill roles and to support their teams of volunteers.

As the volunteering peak body for Tasmania, we are advocating that volunteers, and the impact they make are recognised as a priority by our State Government.

The safety and wellbeing of our volunteers is paramount. The Tasmanian Government needs to tackle this crisis in volunteering head-on, with strategic coordination and resourcing that guarantees volunteering’s sustainability, safety, and inclusivity. While the majority of Tasmanians volunteer, a majority also rely on the roles they play in health, education, and frontline services for all our communities.

Read more in our Budget Priority Submission below.

Volunteer Connect

Volunteer Connect is a national volunteer referral system which connects volunteers and organisations. It allows people to search for a new volunteer role and for volunteer-involving organisations to advertise for and recruit new volunteers.