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Help save a critical workforce – our community volunteers

Do you volunteer? Do you care about your community?

Communities need volunteers and as the cost-of-living prices soar, so too does the cost to volunteer. Meanwhile, organisations who rely on volunteers are struggling to fill roles and to support their teams of volunteers.

As the volunteering peak body for Tasmania, we are advocating that in this upcoming state election, volunteers, and the impact they make are recognised as a priority by an incoming Government.

The safety and wellbeing of our volunteers is paramount. The Tasmanian Government needs to tackle this crisis in volunteering head-on, with strategic coordination and resourcing that guarantees volunteering’s sustainability, safety, and inclusivity. While the majority of Tasmanians volunteer, a majority also rely on the roles they play in health, education, and frontline services for all our communities.

What can I do?

Your local candidates are now listening to the voices of voters.
You can make a difference.

Here’s how:

Writing to your local candidate raises this important topic to our decision makers. We have a template to make this easy. By adding your voice, you are ensuring this issue is felt day-to-day as well as in policy spaces.

If you’d like to, please add in your personal reasons, your story, on why you believe there is a need to ensure volunteers are supported fully.

Next Steps

Write a letter to your local candidate
Simply copy and paste the words in the template, below, into a new email and send it to your local candidate.

Not sure who is your local candidate or their email address?
To find your local candidate, head here:

Questions? We’re here to help.
Contact us on team@volunteeringtas.org.au
or call (03) 6231 5550.

How to write a letter to your local candidate

Copy and paste this into an email to your local candidate.

Subject: Save volunteering in Tasmania.

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr (Last Name),

I am writing as a constituent in your electorate who cares deeply about volunteering and its fundamental role in our community.  There is growing media coverage showing how organisations in Tasmania are struggling for volunteers.  These shortages are in critical areas such as front-line health, meals and care for homeless people and in aged care. As a volunteer, I know this because becoming a volunteer is getting harder. We struggle to cover the costs associated with volunteering such as transportation, training, police checks and protective clothing. We need flexibility and a volunteer roster that fits around our lives, that can work with our changing commitments and is supported by a real person. We need managers who are resourced to ensure that we are safe and engaged in meaningful and impactful work.

Volunteering Tasmania has confirmed through early release data that the cost to volunteer is increasing and significant. In 2023, it cost an individual approximately $11.88 an hour to volunteer.  In a cost-of-living crisis, this is no small amount. It is not that Tasmanians don’t want to help, in fact, most of us volunteer, with volunteer rates increasing to 332,100 in 2023. This is 69.8% of our population. But volunteers are turning to more casual and flexible opportunities that don’t have the price tag.

Volunteers are not motivated by financial gain, but with increases in regulatory requirements and a cost-of-living crisis, investment is needed to ensure the abundance of volunteers we have can support the critical services that ensure we feel safe, supported, and welcome in Tasmania.

I ask that you support Volunteering Tasmania’s Budget Priority Submission to build on the strength and enthusiasm of the Tasmanian people.  This relatively small investment will direct the growing volunteer contributions of Tasmanians towards the place-based and community-led organisations in their community.  The submission provides solutions that move beyond awareness raising, to structural and systemic change that will support organisations to utilise the already significant contribution Tasmanians want to make.

I believe, in supporting this Budget Priority Submission, you are reducing the barriers that restrict volunteers and organisations from connecting.  You are acknowledging and valuing the incredible contribution that Tasmanians make to their communities every day.

Kind regards,

[Add your name]

Thanks for your support!

Volunteer Connect

Volunteer Connect is a national volunteer referral system which connects volunteers and organisations. It allows people to search for a new volunteer role and for volunteer-involving organisations to advertise for and recruit new volunteers.