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Welcome to the Football Tasmania Hub of the Volunteering Tasmania Member Portal. In this Hub you will find a self-assessment checklist that has been developed to help you identify what volunteer management practices you already have in place at your club, and where there is some work to be done.

Football Tasmania and Volunteering Tasmania have collaborated on developing this self-assessment checklist to provide an easy-to-use tool that all football clubs around Tasmania can use. Some football clubs have well-developed practices in place to support their volunteers, some clubs engage a lot of volunteers but are unsure about how to best look after them, and yet others don’t see the help they receive from club members and their families and friends, as volunteering.

Using the self-assessment checklist will help you identify what you are already doing really well for the people that lend a hand at your club, and also what areas for improvement there may be. After completing the checklist, you will be directed to the ‘supporting resources & videos’ section of the portal, which provides you with a comprehensive suite of videos, templates, and resources that you can use to develop or improve your volunteer management practices.

Both the checklist and the resources provided are are based on the eight National Standards for Volunteer Involvement. These Standards are developed to help organisations apply best practice volunteer management.

Why not get started now, by clicking on the self-assessment checklist button below? Have fun!

Self-assessment Checklist

Start here, by completing the self-assessment checklist, based on the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement. The checklist will give you a quick insight into the practices you already have in place, and where there is some space for improvement. You will see the results directly on your screen, and you will receive an email summarising your checklist results.

Supporting Videos & Resources

After you have completed the self-assessment checklist, have a look around this section of the Footbal Tasmania Hub. You can find a series of videos, templates, manuals and other resources, organised in four sections, based on the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.