State of Volunteering Report


State of Volunteering Report


How do we know
we’re doing the
right thing?

Volunteering has long been a driver of individual and community well-being. Not only does it contribute significant economic value, but volunteering also gives us enormous social, cultural and recreational benefits.

The 2019 State of Volunteering report explores the:

  • Characteristics of volunteers and volunteering
  • Characteristics of volunteer-involving organisations
  • Economic, social and cultural value of volunteering.

Volunteering Tasmania conducted research that included a state-wide survey of 718 Tasmanian residents who were representative of the regionality, age, gender and income levels of the population. We also surveyed 209 Tasmanian volunteer-involving organisations. Finally, a return-on-investment analysis was performed to determine the value of volunteering to Tasmania.

The 2019 data was compared to data from a 2014 research study, where information on volunteering was collected using similar methods. For the first time, we can analyse data across time and begin to see the trends and value of volunteering in Tasmania.

This report gives us a snapshot of the findings and highlights from the 2019 research. Detailed findings, including the survey tools used, are available in the full State of Volunteering in Tasmania report which is available to Volunteering Tasmania members via the Member Portal.

Volunteer Connect

Volunteer Connect is a national volunteer referral system which connects volunteers and organisations. It allows people to search for a new volunteer role and for volunteer-involving organisations to advertise for and recruit new volunteers.