State of Volunteering Report


How do we know
we’re doing the
right thing?

A strong research and evidence base is essential to Volunteering Tasmania’s purposes to promote and build a vibrant, strong volunteering community that is inclusive, respected and sustainable. A robust evidence base ensures that our advocacy, policy and operational work is all underpinned by current best practice.

Below are some examples of research projects Volunteering Tasmania has been involved in recently.

The Great Reset: Volunteering in Tasmania post-COVID-19
In partnership with the University of Tasmania

Leading and Managing in Tasmania’s Volunteer Sector Volunteer
In partnership with Dr Toby Newstead, Dr Gemma Lewis, and the Volunteer Leadership Research Group at the University of Tasmania.

Volunteer Connect

Volunteer Connect is a national volunteer referral system which connects volunteers and organisations. It allows people to search for a new volunteer role and for volunteer-involving organisations to advertise for and recruit new volunteers.