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About the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program

Volunteering Tasmania’s CPD Program for Professional Leaders of Volunteers is designed to improve your knowledge and maintain a high standard of professional practice. This program supports your professional development by formally recognising the work you are doing to raise the standards of volunteer leadership in your organisation and across the state. Endorsed by Volunteering Australia, this program is exclusive to members and is only $50 to enrol.

Benefits of participating: 

The CPD Program is a formal avenue to improve your knowledge and skills. By accruing the required number of annual points for eligible activities, you earn the right to put ‘PLV’ after your name. This post-nominal will help raise your profile and demonstrates your commitment to your career and to the volunteer leadership profession. Your CPD accreditation can promote your point of difference to current and future employers and gives recognition for PD learning you are already doing or planning to undertake.

How it works

To achieve accreditation of the CPD program, participants are required to accumulate a minimum number of points for eligible activities.
These points can be attained through a combination of activities in Sections 1-4 of the CPD Program Points Schedule.

CPD Program Points Schedule sections:

  1. Volunteering Tasmania training and professional development activities
  2. National Standards for Volunteer Involvement activities: Review and Implementation
  3. Eligible broader sector professional development activities
  4. Writing a reflective piece on your volunteering leadership over the CPD FY program.
  • For initial accreditation into the CPD Program, you will need to achieve a total of 16 CPD points across the financial year, of which:
    • 12 points must be from Sections 1, 2 or 3 of the CPD Points Schedule
    • 4 points must be from writing a reflective practice piece (at least 500 words)
  • For maintaining your annual accreditation, you will need to achieve a total of 8 CPD points across each subsequent financial year, of which:
    • 6 points must be from Sections 1, 2 or 3 of the CPD Points Schedule
    • 2 points must be from writing a reflective practice piece (at least 300 words).
  • There is a $50 (ex. GST) administration fee to join the 2022/2023 CPD program. Some of the CPD eligible activities are free for participants, while other activities will have an associated cost.
    1. Confirm the support of your direct manager for your involvement in the CPD Program (direct manager sign-off is required for finalisation of your accreditation)
    2. Apply online
    3. Refer to the VT CPD Points Schedule FY 22/23 to plan your professional development activities across the 22/23 period
    4. Once accepted into the program:
      1. Regularly record your achievement of eligible points on your Activity Validation Form online (log-in details will be provided in your welcome email), with the support and involvement of your direct manager. Remember to note your key learnings gained for all activities
      2. Participate in CPD Network connection activities with other CPD participants and share and discuss items of interest.
      3. Complete the reflective practice piece on an aspect of your volunteering leadership over the CPD year.
    5. At the end of the 22/23 FY, submit your completed Activity Validation Form with the required points (16 in your first year, and 8 in subsequent years), your reflective practice piece, your key learnings; signed off by your direct manager.
    6. Once your submission has been accepted, you will receive a CPD Certificate of Completion and confirmation of your use of the post-nominal ‘PLV’.

Additional information

The Activity Validation Form (AVF) is a formal template that enables VT to confirm the points claimed are eligible for CPD. All participants will be required to regularly update their AVF in consultation with their manager, ensuring it also records key learnings gained from each activity. Final submission must include:

  1. A completed Activity Validation Form with key learnings, endorsed by your direct manager
  2. A reflective practice piece

Volunteering Tasmania will provide support to participants during their time in the CPD program, through check-in calls and connection. During that time, conversations will bring to light the activities undertaken to achieve points and the learnings gained.

Volunteering Tasmania will conduct audits on CPD participants, as required, to ensure the activities and points being claimed are eligible within the program. If required, proof of attendance or participation may be requested.
As a CPD participant, you must maintain the following requirements:

  • Membership with Volunteering Tasmania
  • A role in the volunteer management profession
  • Required CPD annual points achieved, and,
  • Full payment of your annual CPD administration fee to Volunteering Tasmania.

Non-compliance in the program will mean the participant can no longer use the post nominal ‘PLV’ and will be determined by the Volunteering Tasmania CEO.

Upon achievement of your CPD requirements, you are entitled to use PLV after your name for the 12 months following attainment (e.g. from July to June)..

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