Tasmanian Peak Bodies Agree Principles for Engagement and Recovery

Volunteering Tasmania has joined forces with 10 other Tasmanian Peak bodies to develop a shared statement of intention for engaging Tasmanians in recovery and rebuilding.

Collectively this group of peak bodies represents the majority of Tasmanians and are committed to supporting individuals and communities as we respond to COVID-19 and into the future. We want all Tasmanians to have the same opportunities to rebuild our communities and to achieve this, we believe it is critical that conversations and solutions are tailored for diverse parts of our society.

Engagement with Tasmanians must consider barriers to participation and there should be open and transparent sharing of data between Governments, peak bodies and other stakeholders. A copy of this Statement has been provided to the Premier and the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Committee with the view of seeking their commitment to these principles and to broaden understanding of the way in which peak bodies can support recovery processes. This includes using our extensive networks into communities to facilitate engagement.

The statement can be read here. You can also find this Statement on our webpage Submissions & Reports during COVID-19.