Self-assessment Checklist

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The self-assessment checklist below is developed to help you identify what volunteer management practices you already have in place at your Club, and where there is some work to be done.

The checklist is divided in four sections, which are based on the eight National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.

How does it work?

  • Read through the questions in each section, and select one of the possible three answers (yes, no, work in progress)
  • At the end of completing the self-assessment checklist you will be given a score that indicates how well you are already doing in terms of volunteer management at your club
  • You will be provided with tips on what online learning modules you may wish to go through to further develop your volunteer management practices.
  • Learning modules include information on why to take certain steps and how to do them. A series of videos, templates, and resources are provided that you can use to get started.

Self-assessment Checklist