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Emergency Volunteering: Community Response to Extreme Weather (EV CREW)

Volunteering Tasmania is proud to play a key role in connecting volunteers and their skills to people, places and organisations who need it most.

We maintain a database of people who want to contribute to recovery efforts following a natural disaster. You will be joining thousands of Tasmanians on standby to assist in times of disaster should help be needed.

Volunteering Tasmania is funded by the Tasmanian government to provide an online registration system for anyone interested in volunteering following an emergency incident.

You will be contacted by the council in the emergency zone, if and when an emergency occurs and your availability, location and skills are needed. But be patient, it might take a while as the needs of the local community are gauged and recovery programs begin.

You will always have the option to accept or decline any volunteering activity they may offer you at any time in the future.


Does your council wish to have access to volunteers to help support recovery efforts following an emergency?

Register with us and you’ll receive a list of volunteers who you can contact should a natural disaster hit your community.

To register your council, please contact us.

Volunteer Connect

Volunteer Connect is a national volunteer referral system which connects volunteers and organisations. It allows people to search for a new volunteer role and for volunteer-involving organisations to advertise for and recruit new volunteers.