Online Self-Audit for Volunteers

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This self- audit tool will help you assess your volunteer experience with the organisation you volunteer for, and get a better understanding of how well your organisation’s volunteer program is meeting the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement. Tips will be provided to help you improve your volunteering experience.

Why use the Volunteering Tasmania Self-Audit Tool?

The Self-Audit Tool is quick and easy to use and helps you provide feedback to your volunteering organisation on ways to improve your volunteering experience.

We know that you care about your volunteering organisation and the impact you create together through the (volunteer) work you do. By providing feedback, your organisation can reflect on how well their volunteer program is doing, and what steps they can take to improve or further support volunteers in their roles.

How does the Volunteering Tasmania Self-Audit Tool work?

You will be given a series of statements based on the eight National Standards for Volunteer Involvement and asked how much you agree with them. The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement are developed to help organisations apply best practice volunteer management.

Your answers will be collected in a report that will be sent to your email address. Your customised report will include practical steps on how you can help your volunteering organisation improve where needed and make an even bigger impact together. You may also learn a thing or two about your rights and responsibilities as a volunteer!

Please note: Your volunteer manager/coordinator will be able to see when you have completed the questionnaire, but they cannot see your individual answers to the questionnaire. This means you can be completely honest in your answers, as your responses will be anonymous to the organisation you volunteer for.

Long-term impact

For the most effective use of the Self-Audit Tool, the volunteer manager or coordinator from your organisation may ask you to complete the questionnaire again in six and/or twelve months from now, so they can monitor their volunteer program and volunteer engagement strategy over time.