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Comms Form

The Comms Form is to log media and comms related interactions, for example EDM themes or media mentions. This will mostly be used by the Communications and Marketing Portfolio. Links to other forms.


The most important things to remember whenever inputting data into the CRM is always consider its purpose, and always follow the naming conventions.

Critically, each interaction or activity is required to be linked to one or more funding instruments. If this is not accurate the VT reporting to funding bodies and stakeholders will be incomplete and/or incorrect.


Use Title Case Capitalisation for names. Migrant resource centre Migrant Resource Centre
Do not use the ampersand symbol. Type the word “and” instead. Smith, Jones & Cork Smith, Jones and Cork
Only use acronyms if they are commonly used in public by the organisation and only use them in brackets beside the full organisational name. COTA Council on the Aging (COTA)
Do not use full stops between initials. D.H.H.S. DHHS
Use the abbreviation for Incorporated organisations with a full stop Incorporated / Inc / Incorp. Inc.
There should never be multiple records or ‘duplication’ for accounts or contacts. John Doe

Johnny Doe

ALWAYS search for existing records prior to making a new entry 


take note of any potential duplicate warnings

Phone Number Format

+ Country Code | Area Code | Main Number

6251 5100

0400 123 456

+61 3 6251 5100

+61 400 123 456