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Interaction Form

The Interactions Form is used for all stakeholder management. VT staff will log our interactions with Contacts and Accounts (organisations) (phone, email, or meetings). If the contact or organisation is not listed in our CRM you will be able to add them to our database within this form. If you are logging your attendance at an event or forum then please use the Activity Form instead.

Activity Form

The Activity Form is to log VT-hosted and non-VT hosted events and activities, such as sitting on a Food Security Committee or attending a TASCOSS forum. This is particularly relevant to the Peak Body, HACC/CHSP and VMA funding contracts. Where multiple VT staff have attended, please ensure only one form is entered.

For events hosted by VT with multiple organisations in attendance, please enter all attendees. This will ensure the activity is logged against each organisation’s account in the CRM.

Comms Form

The Comms Form is to log media and comms related interactions, for example EDM themes or media mentions. This will mostly be used by the Communications and Marketing Portfolio.

Look Up Form

The Contact Look-up Form is used to bring up contact information of our Contacts and Accounts (organisations), see their membership status, and see a list of VT’s interactions and activities with that Contact or Account.