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Refreshed National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement have been refreshed to ensure they are contemporary and inclusive of the diversity of volunteering and volunteers. The National Standards are a best practice framework to guide volunteer involvement. They can be used flexibly, recognising that volunteering takes place in highly diverse settings and ways.

The development of the refreshed National Standards was informed by a sector wide consultation process conducted across each state and territory in 2023. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Insights gained through the National Strategy for Volunteering consultations also informed the refresh as well as insights from overseas and other ‘national standards’ arrangements. The project was funded via the Australian Government’s Volunteer Management Activity.

All organisations and groups can implement the refreshed National Standards at any time. The refreshed National Standards have retained the core aims and principles underpinning the previous standards and the eight broad focus areas of the National Standards are the same.

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Watch the National Standards for Volunteers (Refresh) workshop: