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The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement (NSVI) are being refreshed to ensure they reflect the contemporary environment and continue to support the volunteering ecosystem. The NSVI Refresh Project will involve consultation with the volunteering ecosystem and draw on the extensive engagement undertaken during the development of the new National Strategy for Volunteering. The current National Standards should continue to be used until the refresh program is completed.

The NSVI Refresh Project will involve two phases:

1. Development of refreshed National Standards.

2. Development of resources to support implementation of the refreshed National Standards.

The refreshed National Standards will build on the new National Strategy for Volunteering to support a vision for inclusive, safe, and sustainable volunteering in Australia. The NSVI Refresh Project is being funded via the Australian Government’s Volunteer Management Activity.

The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement provide a sound framework for supporting the volunteer sector in Australia.

Benefits to organisations:

  • The standards provide good practice and a benchmark to help organisations attract, manage and retain volunteers
  • Help manage risk and safety in volunteer engagement

Benefit to volunteers:

The standards help to improve the volunteer experience. There are eight standards in the National Standards, they are:

  • Standard 1: Leadership and Management
  • Standard 2: Commitment to Volunteer Involvement
  • Standard 3: Volunteer Roles
  • Standard 4: Recruitment and Selection
  • Standard 5: Support and Development
  • Standard 6: Workplace Safety and Wellbeing
  • Standard 7: Volunteer Recognition
  • Standard 8: Quality Management and Continuous Improvement